Blind Solutions

The rustic appeal and aesthetic atmosphere provided by blinds have decorated designer homes since Roman times. With a wide variety of styles and designs, we’ll guide you through the most eye catching and functional blinds for every room in your home.


  • LumiDoppio Blinds
    LumiDoppio Blinds are unique because of the twice over aspect of their construction. In effect, this means that double material is used, making them particularly ideal for windows where privacy is crucial but natural light is also desired – for example in a bathroom.
    The characteristics are soft horizontal fabric slats that are interspersed with a sheer material, and then looped onto a head rail and bottom rod, resulting in the double layered effect.

    By simply moving the cord slightly, a variety of 3 fabric arrangements are possible:
    · Sheer material at the front and back to allow for maximum natural light;
    · Sheer material combined with fabric slats for a more subdued light;
    · Fabric slats at the front and back for a darkened room.

    LumiDoppio blinds can also be raised fully by means of the cord, exposing the naked window and an unobstructed view.
    It is important to mention that LumiDoppio Blinds are not recommended for larger openings such as French- or Patio doors, and glass doors in general.

    Why should you choose LumiDoppio Blinds?
    These exceptional blinds are suitable for any room in a house, and can easily be fitted to windows of any size, especially where privacy is crucial but natural light is also desired – for example in a bathroom or bedroom.

  • Basswood Blinds

  • Panel Blinds
    Panel Blinds are the absolute ideal solution for sliding doors and larger windows. They offer a very stylish solution as you can select individual panel widths, tailored for your window treatment needs. The individual panel widths range from 450mm to 1200mm and both options are available in both side and centre opening designs to accommodate folding doors as well as sliding doors. You can choose Panel Blinds in either Bamboo or Roller Fabrics, and can rest assured that they will be rust free as there is no steel in the support.

    Why should you choose Panel Blinds?
    They are the perfect solution to shade patio doors and large windows, and super effective to create room dividers that are attractive and efficient.
    Panel Blinds is a sleek and simple way of transforming any space, and a perfectly stylish way of controlling how much light or privacy want in a room.

  • Bamboo Blinds
    Due to their natural appearance, Bamboo Blinds create a particularly soothing atmosphere and softly diffuse harsh external light. The beauty of Bamboo Blinds is that they are equally fitting for a contemporary as well as traditional style interior. With their dual purpose of both functionality and a fashionable appeal, the fact that they are handmade is an unexpected and special bonus. This causes them to have enchanting imperfections that adds to their unique charm and ensures that no two sets are alike. If it’s bespoke individuality that you’re looking for, look no further. Bamboo Blinds are all hand made with close attention to detail and superior quality integral to the product. Panel blinds can also be made from bamboo.

    Why should you choose Bamboo Blinds?
    If you’re into green interiors and eco-friendly options, Bamboo Blinds create a warm and welcome atmosphere in any room – and is a proud statement for the environmentally aware homeowner as these blinds are a recognised renewable source.

  • LumiPlissé Blinds
    Elegant. Sleek. Functional. Pleated blinds bring a touch of class and add texture to a room and are an interesting focal point when closed. LumiPlissé blinds are very versatile due to their operational system. They are especially effective if you like smaller gaps between your blind slats, offering controlled privacy. There are more than 50 different configurations, and you have the choice of controlling them via pull cords, handle or you can have them motorised. Completed with a comprehensive range of fabrics from translucent to blackout, LumiPlissé blinds will meet the requirements of the most discerning homeowner.

    Why should you choose LumiPlissé Blinds?
    LumiPlissé blinds are incredibly adaptable and can be custom-made to seamlessly fit even the most unusual shaped window, even arched windows or doors. LumiPlissé blinds are considered one of the best options for installation on doors, because the guide wires ensure the blind fits snugly. LumiPlissé blinds are ideal for our South African climate because they keep the heat where the homeowner wants it: Outside in Summer and cozy and snug on the inside during Winter.

  • Lumicel Blinds
    Lumicel blinds derive their name from the honeycomb pattern that distinguish them from other types of blinds. The pleats are platted to form a beautiful honeycomb pattern, by using two or more layers. The joining at the pleats form the ‘cell-like’ compartments. Similar to the LumiPplissé blinds, the Lumicel blinds stack high and compresses to just a few inches when opened, affording you an unobstructed view to the outside. When closed they offer you complete and utter privacy, plus a gorgeously textured finish. Lumicel fabrics are available with varying degrees of light filtering shades, still providing 100% privacy yet allowing natural light to gently filter through your window whilst insulating very efficiently.

    Why should you choose Lumicel Blinds?
    For energy conscious consumers, Lumicel blinds are the most effective and highest energy-efficient blind on the market, and due to the unique cellular construction, offers you brilliant sound absorbent properties. If you have a nursery, media- or television room that requires silence and a darkened interior, Lumicel is the blind for you.