c a r p e t i n g

c a r p e t i n g

There's nothing like a warm carpet under your feet to make you feel at home. Our goal is to give you exactly what you want and help you discover what that is.

Buying a new carpet is not only a large investment but adds to the character and warmth of your home. At the same time though, it must be practical. There are three basic factors to consider namely: type of fibre used, construction of those fibres and the colours they come in. These factors together determine the performance and price of your carpet. Some types of fibres wear better than others and some colours look better for longer.

We will be there every step of the way with expert advice and in depth knowledge to help you when making all these important decisions when furnishing your home or office.

Leighanne's Flooring Solutions stocks a wide range of patterns and styles including from all the major manufacturers such as NouwensBelgotex and Van Dyck Carpets.

Leighanne's Flooring Solutions is proud to be associated with Nouwens carpets and have been appointed dealers for Nouwens carpets since 2008.

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